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“This is generally 18 years of age or older, but make sure to check.” If you don’t claim your winnings within 21 days, CSGO Lounge keeps them.

Like nearly all other skin gambling websites, CSGO Lounge uses Steam bot accounts they’ve created to receive bets and distribute winnings.

Skin gambling indirectly stimulates the Steam Market.

Valve makes 5% off the sale of any Steam Market sale, but they take 15% of the sale of items from Valve games like CS: GO, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2.

On , players deposit skins into a shared pot as a short time limit counts down, after which no more bets are accepted.

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Skin Crates repackages individual CS: GO skins that they own into custom ‘crates’ (not official CS: GO weapon cases) that you can pay to open on their website.

“If odds are 75-25, that would mean three people would have had to bet on the 75 percent and one on the 25 percent,” a CSGO Lounge admin told me in 2014.

Anyone with a Steam account can use CSGO Lounge, and per the website’s , it’s your responsibility to figure out if that’s legal where you live: “By placing a bet on CSGO Lounge you are confirming that you are in abidance with your country's laws which allow you to participate in skin-betting,” the section of the website reads.

Secondary markets have sprung up around many games that contain tradable items since the early days of e Bay, and developers have grappled with these resellers in different ways.

But CS: GO’s situation is unprecedented: the near total focus of these third-party groups on turning CS: GO gun skins into tokens that can be used to play casino-like games—and the fact that these outfits are unregulated and do not impose checks against the participant’s age—may be in violation of US law.

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